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Ideal Diamond Rewards

Ideal Diamond Rewards program generously rewards Ideal members with large amount of monthly free use of all meeting rooms, hot desking, casual offices solutions plus great discounts on all Ideal Virtual Offices solutions and on site services

Be Rewarded With Meeting rooms, Hot Desking and Casual Offices

Benefit from monthly 4-hour FREE Ideal state of the art and ready equipped meeting rooms

Be rewarded with monthly 12-hour FREE Ideal Hot Desking

Plus 20% discount on any hire of Sydney Meeting Rooms, Hot Desking and Casual Offices


Plus More With Virtual Offices

1-month FREE + 10% discount thereafter on Virtual Offices Business Assistant solution, or

3-month FREE + 10% discount thereafter on Virtual Offices Corporate Address or Receptionist solution


And More With Administrative, Secretarial On-site Services

Get greater 20% discount on any professional administrative support and usage on-site.

Ideal Diamond Rewards program includes unlimited access to the member's designated My Ideal Online web business management system.


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Ideal Diamond Rewards - Features and Benefits

•   Price: only $14.95/week

•   Membership Duration: 12 months

•   4-hour monthly FREE of Ideal meeting rooms

•   12-hour monthly FREE of Ideal Hot Desking space

•   1-month FREE + 10% discount off thereafter on Business Assistant Virtual Offices solution, or

•   3-month FREE + 10% discount off thereafter on any Ideal solution in Corporate Address Virtual Offices or Receptionist Virtual Offices

•   20% discount on all onsite use of secretarial and administrative services

•   Unlimited Access to Diamond members designated My Ideal Online web business management system

•   High priority on any booking of meeting rooms, boardrooms, hot desking and short-term casual offices

•   Upgrade to a serviced office at anytime and get all unused prepaid fee credited to your serviced office suite account

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More Ideal Rewards Programs For Office Space Solutions

Ideal Gold Rewards - Absolutely FREE. 10% discounts on a various Ideal offices and professional services. Join now

Ideal Diamond Rewards - Discounted $14.95/week for monthly free usages and further benefits. Join now

Ideal Ultimate Rewards - Discounted $44.95/week for the ultimate free packages with ultimate benefits. Join now

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More Ideal Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms and Office Solutions

Ideal office space and office suites solutions in Sydney including:

Serviced Offices in Sydney - Fully furnished, Managed IT, Receptionists, Secretaries, Flexible sizes and terms

Virtual Offices in Sydney - Corporate Address, Receptionists, Business Assistants, Unlimited, No Set up fees

Meeting Rooms in Sydney - Receptionists, Wireless broadband, Projectors, Colour printers scanners, Parking

Hot Desking in Sydney - Ready equipped work desks or casual offices, Instant, Competitively priced hourly, daily

Serviced Warehouse in Sydney - Storage, Warehousing, Distribution and Logistics services, Flexible, Affordable

Ideal Rewards - Join Gold Rewards FREE, Diamond and Ultimate Rewards. Save up to $718.20 per month

My Ideal Online - Your designated business management system online, unlimited access anywhere, anytime

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40 percent off Take any Office Space today and get up to 3-month 40% discount.
Serviced Offices Offers at Ideal Mascot for all Office Space solutions including:

40% discount all Serviced Offices

40% discount all Virtual Offices

40% discount all Meeting Rooms

40% discount all Hot Desking

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40 percents off

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