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All Ideal serviced offices solutions include best-of-breed IT technologies and Telecommunication equipment that are totally managed and serviced by Ideal's on the ground IT network, system engineers and business software application developers.

From the first minute as you move in your serviced office suite, your business will be fully equipped with unlimited download super fast broadband internet, colour printer and scanners, digital telephone handsets and fax machines.

Your company name will also be advertised on the centre's creative digital corporate directory board to boost your professional and corporate image.

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Whether you have your own IT support consultants or utilise Ideal IT support services, our IT engineers are constantly on-site and on stand-by ready to provide all IT help to ensure smooth and continual business operations of your business.

Ideal IT infrastructure for serviced offices is fully compatible with business software such as Microsoft Office, MYOB, Quicken, PeachTree, Sage, Attache, NetSuite, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, Act CRM, Sugar CRM, SalesForce CRM, Web applications and our IT specialists have deep support knowledge for these business applications and more.

Static IP addresses connected to your serviced office suite for your remote login or hosting demands.

Have your IT consultants speak to our IT specialists today or you can call us on 1300 68 66 88 about Ideal totally managed IT for serviced offices.

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Serviced Offices Sydney with up to 50% off all prices


Ideal Complete Managed IT Serviced Offices - Features and Benefits

Unlimited download high speed multiple broadband connections

Innovative, reliable, high performance, high availability backed by multiple corporate-graded internet connections

Compatible with all networking technologies, business software and hardware

Secured networks to protect business private networks and data connected to your serviced office suite.

Advanced IP Telephony system with reliable and stylish IP Phone handsets.

Bleeding-edge infrastructure from leading brands such as Cisco, Intel, HP, Toshiba

Support all VPN technologies, Remote Access, VOIP (Voice-over-IP) with Quality of Service (Qos) and multiple fixed IP addresses for all serviced offices in the centre

Secured server room and racks to house your servers.

Call us today on 1300 68 66 88 or request Ideal IT engineers to contact your IT consultants for all answers about Ideal fully managed IT for your serviced offices needs and requirements.

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Serviced Offices Sydney with up to 50% off all prices


More Ideal Fully Managed IT For Serviced Offices

Ideal IT systems are compatible with all technologies and business applications that your business systems run on.

Each individual serviced office suite's network privacy is securely protected from other networks with our advanced VLAN and firewall technologies.

Our IT and Telecommunication technologies are provided by the most reliable vendors in the industry such as Cisco.

Enquire now about fully IT managed serviced offices in Sydney.

If you require remote access from or to your serviced office suite from a different location, Ideal networks are compatible with all VPN technologies and routers as well as remote access software such as Remote Desktop, Citrix, PC Anywhere, Log Me In, Team Viewer, VNC and more.

Static IP addresses are provided and all-port forwarded to your serviced office suite within your own VLAN without any restriction.

All network connections into Ideal serviced offices are scalable and load-balanced to ensure high speed performance for your business software and hardware demand.

Enquire today for detailed info about fully managed IT Telecommunication infrastructure serviced offices.

If your business uses VOIP (Voice-over-IP) commnunication, Ideal's multiple corporate-graded internet connections include proper Quality of Service (Qos) with large bandwidth from routed Ethernet, SHDSL and ADSL 2+ networks ready for your business demand and connected to your specific port inside your serviced office suite.

If you have your own servers, house them inside Ideal secured server room rack space with private VLAN connections back to your serviced office suite.

Ideal IT specialists are highly specialised in customising our IT infrastructure to suit your business applications including desktop applications, web applications, SAAS software, cloud computing technologies, hosted or managed networks.

Call us today on 1300 68 66 88 or ask one of our IT specialists to liaise with your IT consultants to answer all queries about how Ideal fully managed IT serviced offices can significantly benefit your business.

Alternatively, send an Online Enquiry to us about serviced offices for more detailed information.

Serviced Offices Sydney with up to 50% off all prices


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Serviced Offices Sydney with up to 50% off all prices


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